Talent alone isn't enough to guarantee

  • Talent alone isn't FIFA 23 Coins enough to guarantee success though, as our current Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri will know all too well. In order to maximize the performance of this Juventus side All of the FIFA 23 players need to decide on the best lineup to be used in games and the most effective starting eleven.

    As with Bayern Munich, finding the best configuration in order to win Juventus for FIFA 23 is more about changing the wheel's alignment than it is reinventing the wheel. With the strengths and weaknesses of the squad the 4-3-2 Holding system is arguably the most suitable option when it comes to setup, though players will have to do quite a bit of tweaking before deciding on the ideal starting 11 to match it.

    While at it, Steven Bergwijn from Ajax is expected to fall in the same price-point and Ajax will surely get the 3/8 wins. Bergwijn's performances on the pitch have been solid since his return the Eredivisie and has scored a hat trick against Groningen and an assist against Cambuur. But the weak foot of two stars is a problem.

    By its very nature, Ones to Watch is never the best place to search for cheap beasts. The next promos might be better choices. Though Ones to Watch is no great for those who want to play cheap, it's a good way to earn coins in the game when you play your cards correctly.

    These cards can fluctuate dramatically in price depending on the performance of the team and player - and , this year, presumably, based on their country's, too. You can see this in the price graphs of FUT comparison sites, where stars strikers will increase in price leading up to a game, then skyrocket as they score, or sink without a trace when the team loses.

    The most efficient method of earning money from the cards is usually to buy them during times of neutrality to hold them for a while, and then , after the hype has passed, sell them. For example, one of Liverpool's players Darwin Nunez has had a slow start as buying FUT 23 Coins a player on Merseyside with two league goals over his opening seven matches.