Nightmare dungeons are our version of Rifts

  • Ferguson: Nightmare dungeons are D2R Items our version of Rifts that is why, in the case of Diablo there's probably an area in town that you just go to it opening a portal, then it's off and you're sitting in the middle of town and playing it over and over. Then we've got these Nightmare dungeons. They're equivalent to running in a Rift in a way but it's got a sense of place.

    So, Joe has his sigils, I've got mine and we're thinking "Okay which direction do we wish to go? We're going to be somewhere right now" then, "Okay, let's mount up, take off our horses and get ready to go to the west." And because that dungeon has a particular type of loot that we want to be able to access or the type of equipment that we want to get. It's why I love that feeling of being there and not just grabbing any portal that pops up in the city every time.

    One of the intriguing things I have seen is The stronghold system. How does that impact the sense of location? Since it's apparent that you're liberating certain areas then how does that affect the story you're telling?

    Shely: So the strongholds form a crucial part of the open world. We wanted the player to be able make changes to the world as well as for actions to affect what's happening within the world of Sanctuary. So when you encounter these strongholds, you'll find various of them across the different regions.

    And there'll be some that have been infested with monsters. In clearing them out, you'll be able to restore them to a relatively secure place to Sanctuary. Non-player characters will show up and you'll be able to unlock side quests. Additionally, dungeons will be revealed as the consequence while the strongholds stay transformed as a result of your actions with D2R Ladder Items Buy that character throughout.