The defense of the passing game In Madden

  • The defense of Mut 23 coins the passing game In Madden NFL 23 can be all about building the defensive players, making the right plays for your team and making the appropriate controller movements at certain times.

    When selecting your roster make sure you select defensive backs who have good coverage numbers. Also, you'll want an offensive back who has good speed and excellent tackling. If the receiver happens to catch the ball you'll need to take the tackle as soon as possible!

    There are three major decisions to make in defending a pass. There is a man-to man defense (the diagram does not have "circles") as well as an area defense (the diagram for the play contains "circles") or an blast. Blitzes and man to man increase the pressure on your defense.

    In the case of a highly-rated defense, then you could afford to risk it. For instance, if you have high-rated defensive backs who are able to match well with the receivers of your opponent, and they are able to play man-to-man.

    In the alternative, you could think about the possibility of a zone defense. It's less risky, however it's not as efficient and your opponent might be able to easily move the ball during the field in a shorter time. However, a zone can limit the speed advantage of an offense and helps to make tackles, even when you're not high-rated.

    A good grasp of the controls is another crucial aspect of defending the pass. A quick jump or diving tackle as the ball gets to the receiver may help in securing an interception or snare the ball from the likely to become ball-carrier. When you're making a deep pass, allow the computer to guide your opponent until the ball is almost at the receiver.

    Change to the defensive back and then use the jump button if close to the receiver , or make a defensive power movement when you're unlikely of catching the ball in time to catch it. Don't forget that the ball won't be dead until it touches the ground. The same mistakes happen often. Make use of diving buttons go towards the ball that has been tipped and try to buy madden nfl 23 coins catch the intercept.