You can also make a random Legendary

  • You can also D2R Items make a random Legendary Gem for the possibility of gaining a 5-Star Legendary Gem. Additionally, you can use Fading Ember on the Fading Ember Merchant to purchase select 1- and 2-Star Legendary Gems, with their inventory changing each week. Last but not least certain Legendary Gems can be found within the game's battle pass.

    Because of the difficulty in finding, and how scarce 5-Star Legendary Gems are available in the game, you'll mostly be searching for and upgrade 2-Star Legendary Gems from the start out.

    Finding and equipping Legendary Gems that synergize with your character and build is key.How can you upgrade Legendary Gems

    In order to make the Legendary Gems more powerful, you'll want to rank them up. By doing this, you can boost the gem's Combat Rating, Resonance bonus and the primary attributes. Once you're at rank 3. an additional benefit of the Legendary Gem will be unlocked, while at rank 5 the gem also grants bonus magical find.

    Legendary Gems can be upgraded to the maximum level of 10. Then they can be utilized to "awaken" a Legendary item, which can grant diverse additional effects dependent on the Legendary item that is being awakened.

    The catch is that ranking up Legendary Gems doesn't come easy. In order to rank gems up you must acquire duplicates of that same gem as well as the resource known as Gem Power that is gained from the breakdown of unneeded Legendary Gems.

    The stronger the gem and the higher its rank the greater the number of duplicates and the greater Gem Power that is needed for ranking up. Achieving Legendary Gems is critical to buy D2R Ladder Items increasing the power of your character.