Online players have been complaining about input lag for years

  • Other tweaks to the physicality that the keeper faces in the box have FUT 23 Coins been improved, which should cut out on some of the “keeper crowding” and “blocking off” strategies widely abused online. A proper foul system and/or collision detection should have been all that’s required to address these contact problems, but this should suffice and post-V1.05, keepers are better off. They’re more sure in their ball handling, parry less shots into danger, and do a better job of being decisive when the situation either requires them to stay on their line or come out.

    Miscellaneous Gameplay ImprovementsSome instances of incorrect offside calls where the player that was called offside was not actually involved in the play. I’ve noticed instances, especially in Pro Clubs, where the linesman’s flag will go up on what seemed like a good back shoulder run only to find out that someone else was coming back from an offsides position not even close to the play. Happy to see this addressed.

    Sometimes it was taking too long for the user controlled player to perform a shot or pass following the user’s input.This was due to the animation selection system taking too long to pick an appropriate animation in some situations.This was not related to online gameplay responsiveness.

    Online players have been complaining about input lag for years. The “fix your servers” crowd was boisterous, but when it started affecting offline players you knew the root of the issue was much deeper — and it was. For a long time, I’ve ranted to my FIFA friends that FIFA has too many animations, and it seems like it’s a roll of the dice to determine if the correct one was going to play out. The frustrating part is that it’s most common when shooting.

    Think of scenarios where you’d rather use one foot over the other, or put your head on buy FUT 23 Coins the ball instead of using your foot. In the games I’ve played post-patch, there doesn’t seem to be much improvement in responsiveness. Button delay and player switching seem to be just as poor as they were pre-patch, and with defending as a team generally difficult this means poor player switching leads to some nervy moments.