I have gotten bored of NBA2K: A overview of my woes

  • So NBA2K21 is around the corner and NBA2K20 is still busy (to a degree I can resonable say I care). However.I am extremely booooooooored. Granted, I have been playing as a few months after launch and I don't have PS+ so you could argue I am not getting the most outta NBA 2K21. To this I say, even with NBA 2K21 MT PS! Lemme break why I'm bored with NBA2K as a game. This si probably gonna piss off someone so before you say anything, just know that these are my comments and if you have a problem with opinions that aren't overwhelming compliments, back away now. You 2K fanboys from the room? Alright then. You were warned if you ai not.

    The MyPLAYER Builder has gotten dull. I say this since I've build all the build I can think of and played them to some sensible degree. I have played 5 seasons with one character for to 80-88 OVR. This is because of having invested VC on clothing items which boost my VC acquistion from a sponsor. The MyLEAGUE mode has gotten boring.

    The streak was broken and that I was sitting there tired looking at all I had to do to recontrust a dynasty as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry all retired that season and that I was left wanting to fill holes no participant could. I had been sitting there bored out of my mind reading through chart after chart, stat sheet following stat sheet.making conclusions I want I gave to someone else.it was boooring!

    MyTEAM? Do not get me fricking started! I had been bored with this after a few months! When they added that the Kobe card, I thought, why not relive this man's legacy right? WRONG!! I got the cardplayed a game or 2, then looked at the needs to level him up, and immediately said screw this and quit. Plus.I didn't have PS+ this time around so that I did not bother attempting to play against other men and women. KTV is so cheesy and boring and what is worse? Unskippable! I do it 2K! You've got connections with the NBA! I DON'T WANNA HEAR WHAT KARL ANTHONY TOWNS DOES IN HIS SPARE TIME!!!

    I know what you're thinking; [add somthing about my skill, the amount of Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins time I've due to the pandemic, etc., here], and I want you to know, NBA 2K21 is graded E so it is intended for people of all ages to perform, irrespective of skill level. However.NBA 2K21 doesn't appear to want to create NBA 2K21 a bit more available to the young ones as the.wait I am rambling! Sorry. Anyways! Here's the overall takeaway!