They are conditioned to despise or whine about any things.

  • They are conditioned to despise or whine about any things. It could be steph currys eyebrows being off and they'd bitch about it. It does not matter what it's. 2K for a company has lots of flaws and a number of 2K MT the community's criticisms are justified but once I see people bitch and moan about small things like this all the time it almost invalidates the part of the community that attempts to give real feedback.

    I give match publishers the benefit of the doubt and continue to support them by purchasing their games depending on how they act to support said future or game franchise releases. In the event the publisher pisses me constantly ignores the neighborhood feedback in future releases and patches, I quit supporting them and quit buying or enjoying their games. Players that are active are seen by them, and game earnings speak for themselves. I guarantee that if every single individual who cares about NBA 2K21 ceased playing it everyday, and didnt immediately pre-order or purchase the following year's copy and paste version on day 1, they would see a good deal more of their negative feedback which makes it in to NBA 2K21. Just enjoy the EA/Activision controversy about trades that are micro, loot boxes, and cover to win. They fixed the problems, and saw their earnings fall.

    They crack at a complaint and completely revamp NBA 2K21 to cater to worse players. I left a two-way slasher at the start of the year but then I thought"if the best shooters are going to be shooting a 40% I could reside with 1 defensive badge" and went with a extremely aggressive slashing playmaker. Next week rolls around and we have anybody with half a brain with virtually any build shooting out lights. Trust me when I say, go with your gut. If you've got a decent grasp on metas of 2K you can readily make a judgement on what's going to be viable annually.

    You're just perfect. Most funny part about the photo meter is 2K will let you change it to whatever you want. Horizontal, vertical off completely, do it. Amazing that these children complain about change in NBA 2K21 regardless of the shift being completely optional. (I thought"cOmP" players played the meter off anyway lmao. If these guys are as good as they say they are, why do they care about an element of NBA 2K21 that does not even affect how they play?) I am in the vessel where I do not even care what they do wise. We learn NBA 2K21s since they accommodate and come outside. I won't go crying about mechanics and all that.

    My biggest gripe is straightforward things that NBA 2K21 can't do right. Show me the decimal when I wan na na look at my rep. Load in 1-5 on Rec, not 4 pgs and a sf. Quit putting unnecessary things from the playground which lag NBA 2K21. Why am I punished when my opponents quit? I only want common sense fixes, so they can develop NBA 2K21play however they need. There is metas in Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins every match. I'd love to know ho differently next gen plays, and whether they will allow the community micromanage both variations of NBA 2K21. I'm skipping present gen in all likelihood, but I'll be interested to learn how far they support the current gen game with these kinds of changes.