You honestly think high rep stage players perspiration their ba

  • I only play myteam, but in most situations I'd say losing is not fun, & if you knew that you we're going to MT 2K21 play with someone far better than you & the chances of you winning are slim I can see why many people would not wish to put themselves through that. But you're chances of winning will probably always be restricted if you only vs people at your level. That is with anything in existence. I get some people and super causally only play but online will be competitive. If 2K makes a park solely for casual play with no rewards or small rewards that might help. Substantial reality, this was my first year playing at the park, had a win percentage by January, could not shoot for shit.

    I have a w and 92 percent to Elite 3. Like most games which are worth any time, it is gont suck before it gets fun. That has been 2K18 although I also used to suck. Even then my basketball knowledge carried me to a favorable document by being a fantastic teammate at all times. By getting thrashed by people then me I picked parts of their game I'd like to put into mine. I take my team no matter what position I'm playing because I know the mechanics of NBA 2K21. I get some ppl don't have any desire but I hate playing with games. Idk how anyone gets any enjoyment out of watching others and hardly knowing how to play do a bunch of cool items.

    You shouldn't care about shedding? If your not playing to win I do not get it, losing is never enjoyable it really takes the fun out of NBA 2K21 if you keep losing. You're definitely playing to win, but if you lose a 2v2 park game which may take 5 minutes less than a month prior to the next game comes out it's not the end of the world.this makes zero sense how should 2K21 coming out in a month need to do with enjoying high reps who sweat their balls off every game of course I'm not likely to play with a high rep there's literally no skill to NBA 2K21. Everyone move around displays and can spam hesis but there is no fun to it. That is prolly why nobody plays you.

    You honestly think high rep stage players perspiration their balls off in the park? 95 percent of the time we are litterly trolling. Unless we run into another squad of stage players, no self respecting stage player sweats his balls off in the park. Facts. 90% of NBA 2K21s I play with in park are simple ass wins. And that is not a fantastic thing, it boring at this point. NBA 2K21 needs matchmaking so you can play at least adequate comp most games without needing to go to Ante Up. It's comical that people in here feel that playing iso or screen ball at a higher level is super easy though and that they choose to not perform it just bc they"wish to have fun" Need IQ to be in a position to do that shit always well. Against bums such as those whining tho, yeah takes no skill.

    It is the same ppl complaining about being hop stepped and Buy NBA 2K21 MT contact dunked by slashers and call it no skill (here is a hint, I got 38 3pt score on my finisher and one shooting badge, if throw 3pts on your head?) And don't realize it is the easiest thing to prevent. I get jump stepped or get dunked on, if I can stop it why can't you? You don't see ppl in period drive on a paint beast every possession because we know it's dreadful takes and will end up in us missing the ball of the times. But somehow park bums think it's broken, yet they become blocked or overlook the shot when they try to get it done.