I don't get these people in any way.

  • You have defended excess runescape playing on more than one event and that is only a recent one that was easy to discover. It really seems like you have a problem that you're having difficulty admitting to, yet why would you do this specific same bizarre thing on more than one event? Im not going to RS gold tell you just how you can live your life, particularly if it's only you. But in case you've got a household that includes a spouse or children, you really ought to try to settle back and assess and maybe look at specialist literature at what constitutes a gaming addiction.

    This was your choice and everybody else's enjoyment of Runescape should not be hurt by designing Runescape around the time-availability of people who have made life choices that lock them out of being able to invest as much in a hobby as others.

    A lot of us do not, although your child's well-being is valued by you over the market of a match, that is great. Many of us don't want kids and see time spent playing a video game than raising a kid as more appealing. That is rather the point of the thread; many individuals who make this argument appear to be pushing their values onto others, making out like their choices to increase a child are inherently more virtuous than playing a video game and therefore everyone else must cater to them. Technically those who elect to have kids are making an extremely selfish choice.

    There are few things you can do in life to consume more of the planets resources than producing another human life. But I'm not going to tell you to not have children, I am not going to sit here and tell you your family responsibilities do not matter as far as me playing with my video game, because I choose to not push my values as inherently of more worth than yours, and I ask people making this debate to do the same.

    All the people saying that nobody should care what happens from Runescape, that ethics doesn't matter, etc are individuals that are likely taking part in these tasks, and aren't great at all for the longevity of the game. "Who cares if there's 100 bots at every place, its just a game""Who cares if skills got shifted to 2m xp each hour, it's just a game""Who cares if jagex cares about Runescape and didn't conduct it into the ground, it is just a game"

    "I am going to voluntarily play this game that I'm aware is all about grinding, however preach about how I do not have enough time to do the grinding I understand exists in Runescape I am choosing to playwith. No, I will not stop and find a game that better suits the lifestyle I've and the hours I'm in a position to play, I will make certain Jagex caters to me!"

    It's frankly too simple, and folks get away with these"offenses" without repercussion. Jagex needs to increase their detection and prevention, that's the only real solution.

    Vote with your wallet, I've quit playing runescape about two decades ago now because I didn't want to commit all my time to a game where someone else can steal all of my improvement or cheap RuneScape gold accomplish these same achievements via botting or paying somebody else. I remember several years ago of a thread on the official rs forums about the way RS3 should have week-long dbx weekends since not everyone can have days off on the weekend. Those people would probably pay someone to play with their accounts. Then again, they eventually got their wish in RS3.