Another MMO attempted - Runescape is life

  • I need to agree despite the downvotes. I got hauled into Final Fantasy XIV together with my friends and I feel trapped because the housing market so is financial space and is really bad. I am paying extra for OSRS gold retainers since I can not hold my things for crafting together with the 2 they provide. And I need to keep my sub-par or I lose my home and it is incredibly hard for one to start with. There's limit spaced so people have to fight them over. I was blessed to be at the right place at the ideal moment. Last month I finished the story and I'm sitting like. What's there for me? Nothing of value at all.

    All that is left for me to do would be level other combat classes, grind eden raids every week for equipment that's only good to earn eden raids easier, or perform Ultimate raids, that only exist to allow you to suffer and get a name for bragging rights (It takes some type WEEKS of attempt to defeat ultimate experiences ).While grinding for equipment sounds good, I am not allowed to sell gear obtained from raids and dungeons. So there is literally nothing of value from doing for me to benefit. Money in general is hardly worthwhile anyways considering there is just 3 realistic applications for it: Being too lazy to craft, wanting to overmeld your gear (think reinforces in RS, but it merely raises raw stats), or housing.

    Melding is frustrating because it pricey as hell to find the Materiea however you can fail the meld and destroy it. The prospect of failure is super high so I really don't feel like it's worth me trying to experiment with stat loadouts because I can do just fine overmelding contents. RuneScape's economy and awareness of progression is so much better in every way. It saddens me that it still has that notoriety of being"babies MMO" because I can never get people to actually give it a fantastic shot and see why non-linearity is this a good way to handle the MMO formula. You strike walls much more easy when you're forced to advance in a straight line and it gets dull.

    There's a lot of thing RS does better compared to other MMOs. The majority of them are leaning to draw in a casual audience, which is great for money, but very dull for veterans of this genre. RS is also the only MMO I know of that's distinctive gear. You don't throw away equipment all of the time such as"oh, this ring contains +2 within this old ring" You've got special attacks, set bonuses, items which make your skills stronger, etc.. I have yet to play another MMO with a gear system as fun to play with as RuneScape. It feels just like a genuine RPG experience in this manner. Ironman makes it fun.

    Markets in MMOs are fucking unhappy since you can see other people's prices. Until the merchandise is near worthless so people simply undercut each other constantly. The Grand Exchange is a godsend and I want MMOs needed a market system even remotely similar. Not to say RS' market does not get manipuated, but it makes trades fast and easy because you do not have to cheap RS gold browse you just tell Runescape what you're willing to pay/sell for. The guide price makes it easy to have an idea of how much something is worth without even imagining on it and accidentally underselling yourself.Individuals that are super rich, what do you do if runescaping?