I'd also suggest attributes inform evaluations, but also badges

  • It time wasted for both myself and NBA 2K21 MT Coins my opponent. There were 91 last year. The participant cards that were total went from 1,861 to whereas the cards shifted showed a 4 percent growth, the highest tiered card showed a 208 percent increase. That is way unbalanced. This 281 opals signify 229 distinct players using opals (therefore 52 players had multiple opals) and include cards which evo to opal but not those who DD to opal.

    In addition to limiting the Opals and GOATs to cards that actually deserve them in real life, they also need to revamp the tiering system to better distance out the cards so there aren't 281 crammed into precisely the exact same tier, with little to differentiate them besides a Sherlock Holmes level of research into their stats/badges. This tiering system allows the same tiers to be spread over 100 rankings rather than the 33 currently in operation (68-99) so there is the much variation to play to properly evaluate cards.

    I'd also suggest attributes inform evaluations, but also badges. So the badges would be weighted by their position (Bronze, Gold, Silver, HOF) and added to the total score of the characteristics to determine final ranking and tier. Some level of investigation would still be asked to determine whether the 91 opal guy with 10 HOF badges is equal to another 91 opal man with 10 HOF badges because one has Range Extender and another has Ice In Veins (hint -- that the former is better). This segues to who should and shouldn't get an opal. Many would agree that 281 opals undermines the integrity of the origin history and is too much.

    Eddy Curry, Alex Caruso, Tacko Fall, Jonathan Isaac, Nicolas Batum, Jaren Jackson Jr. etc aren't titles your mother recognises. She probably knows who Shaq, Kobe, MJ and LeBron are though. I'm not advocating that just the biggest stars get opals (really those 4 I termed did, and should, get GOATs) but we want a cozy medium where the casual fan can recognise and agree that Gary Payton, Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady deserve opals because they were multiple-selection All-Stars and are still recent enough that people know they're. And guys like Jack Sikma Walt Frazier, Dennis Johnson and Mel Daniels deserve opals.

    These are guys the young fan may not have heard of but SHOULD hear because they were awesome in their period. Why bother accreditation Earl Monroe's name and likeness and a part of Buy MT NBA 2K21 the ought to be learning about the history of the NBA, otherwise? I am not really sure when Earl won in 1973 many people who saw basketball are playing 2K now. Even the NBA historian, Bill Simmons, only knows about a lot. Let's try to have some criteria in regards to opals. Then they ought to happen to be 5 time All-Stars if they're retired; dealer's choice, if they haven't. Kawhi and giannis have been around 4 ASG's but we understand more are coming and they deserve opals.