How do I win in mycareer 2K21?

  • While I play my livelihood my teammates can not seem to nba 2k21 mt coins play defense and permit the opposing team to score all the time. Making it difficult to win. What if I do? Do not play with it you'll just stress yourself lol Just do what I do just create a player in myleague then treat it like a mycareer. Coming from somebody who struggled. This is my first time playing 2K and I decided to go to a bad team to get more chances (Knicks). Mitchell Robinson went down and I was getting killed on second chance points every match.

    I'm hardly in contention for the playoffs, but recently I struck on a gear where I'm in the zone and carrying the group. I think if you're place you take and take better on a catch. I run plays to get open looks. I attack the basket if I have an open lane for a layup. Teams which protect the paintI usually try to beat my man and take a mid range jumper. I pause for a split second off the dribble. All that helped me get consistent scoring.

    On defense I simply concentrate on playing aggressive on my guy. If my competitions primary weapon is a PG I know I have an easy win. I glued in my assignment and they pass. They won't be passed to by teammates since I'm all over them. I go about, when they place a screen onto a shot it's possible to cheat by trying to get in front of the display and on a slasher and you may see it coming, but as you really slow down, I try to avoid contact. And lastly from watching others run forward like mad, get out on the break and perform, you get the points that way and prevent your opponent from having their own speedy break.

    I will erase shortages that are big by following the rule of shield that is hard, stop, fast break, repeat. The one thing I can not figure out is how to set my plays in mycareer mode. Anyone know? Thanks appreciate it gonna utilize these strategies. I am not sure because I've tried to but I haven't found out how if there's a way you can place your own plays in career mode.

    Your staff became kinda stupid while enjoying mycareer. Especially guards & forward. Perhaps you noticed your centers (with greater def ratings) does 3+ and largely 4+ blocks per game cos guards & forward lost their positions too often. If you play positions, you lost your position. Basically, dreadful defence staff. This situation probably designed to force participant do items. And eventually became smarter. But many players try to score more points to acquire which this maybe not help your staff consistently. Additionally players do not follow teams offensive plays evenf they score lots of things they ll violate the team and mt for sale 2k21 system chemistry in the start.