Jagex Has An Attitude Problem: Considering their Replies

  • This may be the section, so allow me to rs 3 gold begin with a disclaimer. I think Jagex are a remarkably talented and passionate staff -- and that I am thankful for their efforts. HOWEVER, while passion is good in doses, it becomes problematic when it gives way to defensiveness. I think Jagex staff were overly-defensive of these suggestions, which has, in turn, led to a disconnect with the player-base regarding the management of RuneScape. All these are evident in Jagex's tone-deaf response.

    The first blog post. Not too many criticisms here, although, as previously mentioned, I found it odd that Jagex confessed how overpowered these suggestions were (such as the since-scrapped proposal the slayer boss use to raids), and still made the proposals anyhow. I get that Jagex is trying to test-the-waters, but it appears they would even attempt with these kinds of proposals. In addition, while I love Mod Arcane's excitement and enthusiasm, the whole article came off as quite presumptuous (e.g., this upgrade is occurring, get excited people).

    And while it's fine to hear that bossing is Mod Arcane's"favorite thing to do," given the following responses by Jagex, it gives credence to the idea that Jagex is putting their own personal prejudice before the desires of the player base. Changes to RuneScape must NOT revolve about a specific moderator(s)' pet project. They ought to be thoughtfully attuned to what the players themselves want. The reply on Reddit has been unequivocal: WE DON'T WANT THIS.

    Replies to feedback. Really where Jagex has screwed up this is. After lecturing a few of the critical posters not to worry and that their opinions would be considered in changes, Jagex issued. Again, the issue here is overpowered and meta-shifting this proposal was. The Slayer Helmet has been the #1 criticism. Jagex ignored.

    Great, you fought the idea that the slayer helmet ought to apply to Olm, which was already an INSANE suggestion that has been doomed on birth (and that you even acknowledged from the Blog Post was contentious). Another"concessions" have also concerned smaller problems which do not address the participant base's core complaints. Jagex: you've got a problem and buy old school runescape gold a disconnect difficulty. This produces the players nervous.