Depending on their track record

  • Although something that needs to be pointed out is that is has been heavily rumoured you won't have the ability to carry over your MyPLAYER info from your PS4 / / Xbox One to your Next-Gen console. They'll be separate entities. Now that's obviously frustrating, given that we anticipate NBA 2K21 MT to launch current generation consoles in the first week of September, together with the Next-Gen consoles not due for release until November.

    This is a good two months of advancement which could be drawn up on MyPlayer, however it seems as though many people would elect to wait for the Next-Gen launch, or concentrate their time on MyTEAM, on which you will be able to carry about your data. But for people who are ready to wait around for Next-Gen for stuck into MyPLAYER, the hints are it will definitely be worth the wait!

    As can be found in the above thread, Reddit user u/yyy2K indicates that there will be a brand-new MyPLAYER experience on Next-Gen. What that involves we'll have to wait and watch. But looking at the development of MyPLAYER/MyCAREER throughout the 2K era, we are completely behind this and are extremely hopeful it will indeed be worth the wait and that we'll observe a larger, and better, MyPLAYER than ever before!

    Depending on their track record, an individual can assume the current-generation edition of NBA 2K21 to be of the same, whereas more info concerning the next-generation edition will come at a later date. The release date of the version is unannounced.

    The most obvious improvement in NBA 2K21 will be the graphics. 2K Games gave players their first glimpse at next-generation graphics with a short trailer that they premiered at Sony's"The Future of Gambling" event in June. The trailer shows off the new images with a clip of Zion Williamson of 2K21. We see an player model and, obviously, more perspiration. Players should expect NBA 2K21 to seem like NBA 2K20.

    While not an in-game attribute, Buy MT NBA 2K21 games has declared a buy of the NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition will grant players access to both current and next-generation editions of NBA 2K21. This is a different approach than they shot with NBA 2K14, as gamers' only option then was to buy PS3/360 and PS4/Xbox One editions separately.