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Patagonia, the American clothing and gear company and one of the earliest and staunchest corporate sustainability advocates, brought its determination to have “business be a force for good” to UCLA as its VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility Cara Chacon led a gathering of business and sustainability professionals. In her talk, Chacon reaffirmed Patagonia was working on a plan to be 100% climate neutral, including within its supply chain. Chacon says many organizations fail to focus on the supply chain, which could account for “85% - 90% of a company’s impact.” According to Chacon, Patagonia is currently working with 45 Tier 1 suppliers and 150 Tier 2 suppliers. She says 100% of output from Tier 1 partners is monitored and 80% of output from Tier 2 partners is monitored. She says Patagonia works very closely with its Tier 3 suppliers, which is comprised of more than 300 mapped farms that provide organic cotton, sheep for wool, geese for down, natural rubber and hemp. “My department spends a lot of time working on limiting the Patagonia footprint as we grow, which is a complex problem.” Patagonia is projected to do $1.043 Billion in sales in FY 18.